Why Your Team Wants to Be Trapped Inside Escape Rooms

Escape Room

Your team races into a single room, the door locks, and you have exactly one hour to find your way out.

This is the phenomenon known as the escape room, and it’s redefining the team building experience.

What are Escape Rooms, Really?

Essentially, an escape room is an isolated space filled with a series of challenging, themed puzzles and missions. Teams work together in order to solve different challenges, testing their critical thinking and time management skills to escape before it’s too late.

For some people, this is the real draw. Once the door shuts and the countdown begins, all you have is each other. It’s like survival, and it brings employees together in a way that other team building events simply can’t.

For example, let’s say one of the missions in your room involves heavier math skills. You might depend on one of your teammates whom excels at math to solve this specific puzzle. Escape rooms are designed to allow every individual to be the “hero,” to use his or her skills for the benefit of the team.

Escape rooms also encourage better communication. Since you want to be the first to escape and beat the other teams to safety, you have to focus on clearly communicating your ideas and solutions to save time and be more efficient.

Sound familiar? Improving efficiency, productivity and time management is a top priority for many in leadership positions. In order to achieve those goals, employees need to learn important lessons on communication and working together.

Escape rooms are incredibly exciting experiences for employees, with added benefits for the team and the company.

Escape Rooms for Larger Groups

WCF Events also offers high-spirited, nerve-testing escape room experiences for groups that are too large for conventional escape rooms. Our experts can set up your team building event in your office, in a banquet hall, in your parking lot, inside a hotel or almost anywhere else. Call (773) 486-7403 for more information or to customize your very own escape room.

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