Charitable Events for Socially Responsible Teams

How do you maintain your company’s social responsibility while creating a fun, interactive charitable event for your team? Where can you find the resources to pull off a charitable program that meets your company objectives?

WCF Events is the Midwest’s largest team building and entertainment company; specializing in corporate team building events with a charitable twist. WCF’s professional team coordinates and executes flawless events that bring teams together for the good of the community and the company.

Make Social Responsibility Part of Your Charity Event

Corporate and team building events are an opportunity to build relationships, encourage teamwork, and enhance communication. They also serve as an excellent platform for giving back to your communities. If you have never incorporated a charitable activity before, WCF helps you create one that complements your organization’s values and goals. Or WCF supports an existing initiative with activities that will get your team excited and inspired.

Ideas for Your Charitable Event

WCF wants to make your corporate event one that sticks with you. In the past, we have created philanthropic programs that included care packages for the military, building bikes and wagons for children, and assembling teddy bears for the needy. WCF’s events team helps you brainstorm ideas that will be the most enjoyable and have the most impact for your team.

double goal events for a cause
Bike Building for a Cause
Build a Friend Stuffed Animals Program
Challenge for the Troops featured
Backpacks for a Cause
Team Building for a cause
mini golf course design
holiday secret santa charity scavenger hunt
Scavenger Hunt For A Cause

Charitable corporate events unite your company’s social responsibility with the needs of the community. It’s a type of teamwork that shows you care about your employees and the welfare of others.

Request A Proposal

Venues and Locations

City and Suburbs

As the premier charitable event planner in Chicago and the suburbs, WCF has the resources and connections to manage sophisticated events combining social responsibility initiatives. Our 55,000 sq. ft. raw space, located just 10 minutes north of the loop, can be transformed into something special for your company. We also work closely with numerous hotels and venues throughout Chicago and the surrounding areas.

No matter where you decide to host your company’s charity event, we can source the best private venue on your behalf. Call a WCF sales representative for more details or send a request for proposal outlining your objectives.

Here are just a few of our key partners:

Eaglewood Resort & Spa

eaglewood resort spa

Oakbrook Hills Resort

oakbrook hills resort

Whether your event is in the city, suburbs, Lake Geneva or anywhere in the country, WCF has the resources and partners to find the best private venue to fit your needs and objectives. Call a WCF sales representative for more details or send a request for proposal outlining your event needs.

National Locations

Upon request, WCF travels across the country to facilitate its programs at the location of your choice. For more information, please contact Murrel at (773) 486-7403 or

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