A Transition to the “New Normal” – WCF Events Launches Virtual Team Building Events to Match the New Remote Work Environment

The business world has been turned upside down with conferences and meetings being cancelled or postponed along with a shift to a majority of employees working from home. Despite our current environment, businesses still need to run and employees need to be productive. Team building has always been a way to keep spirits high and spark motivation. Since we are seeing a rise in conference calls and video chats, why not change the format of events to match? With the challenges that arise from your entire team working in separate locations, now is the time to schedule a team building event to keep everyone on track while having a little fun. 

WCF has launched several virtual team building activities to help keep staff motivated and engaged while they work remotely. For starters, our Pub Trivia event has gone virtual! Remote teammates band together to answer questions with their designated team captains submitting their answers to our virtual emcee. If desired, we customize questions to fit your meetings goals and objectives. We also offer Virtual Scavenger Hunts and Virtual Team Challenges. In the end, your team enjoys a fun virtual event while sparking some camaraderie amongst teammates even in a virtual setting. A great way to spice up a boring afternoon at the home office.

We want to help as many companies as possible during these unprecedented times so instead of postponing or cancelling your next outing or meeting, let’s work together to convert it to a virtual team building program. Keep your team working together when you need it most! Before you know it, we may even figure out a way to host an virtual reception to give back to all your employees who are working hard under difficult circumstances!

Your trusted WCF team is also working remotely to ensure we are available for your virtual event needs. Call your sales representative today at 773.486.7403 or Request a Proposal online. 

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