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5 Reasons to Make Your Next Corporate Event a Team Building Event

Whether you’re gearing up for the annual summer picnic or celebrating a company milestone, there’s a reason so many organizations are turning their corporate events into team building events…five of them, in fact.

Let’s take a look at the factors that are putting team building at the top of the list when it comes to company-sponsored events.


You might think networking is reserved for clients and external connections, but the networking that happens between your employees can be just as valuable. Hosting a team building event facilitates these activities because it forces employees to get to know each others’ skills and preferences, in order to solve a challenge or complete a mission. The best part is, those connections carry over to the workplace long after the event is over.


If you want to increase productivity at your company, then increase the healthy competition between your teams. When you make your corporate event a team building event, you naturally build competition into the agenda. Teams may go up against other teams to win a race, be the first out of an escape room, or collect items on a scavenger hunt. And because employees work in teams, they’ll want to do all they can to help the entire group succeed.


Team building has a lot of benefits and can help companies accomplish plenty of goals. But it also helps employees have fun, and that’s something that really connects people on a personal level. Having a good time together can be the foundation for a lifetime of trust and honesty, and – let’s be real – is one of the reasons you throw these events in the first place.


Of course, team building events are all about collaborating with one another. In order to solve a problem or complete a task, all members of the team need to be able to work together. When you gather employees in a fun, no pressure environment, they naturally exchange ideas and provide feedback that gets them closer to their goals – something that transitions easily back at the workplace.


Teams that communicate effectively can work faster and smarter than teams that don’t have this ability. Fortunately for you, team building activities are designed to encourage a dialogue between employees. It’s easier, sometimes, to be open and honest about the best way to build a mousetrap race car than it is to critique someone’s performance. The key here is building those communication skills about something that’s not so intimidating, and build on that for the times when critical decisions or conversations are necessary.

How to Bring Team Building to Your Corporate Event

The first step is to determine your company’s goals. Then, you can design a team building activity that helps you satisfy those goals. As the Midwest’s largest team building company, WCF Events can help you with these plans. Just give us a call at (773) 486-7403 or send us a message.

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