When you are busy planning corporate team building events, it can be easy to get swept away in the logistics and excitement of it all. But when you combine your corporate event with a fundraising or charitable effort, you get the satisfaction of helping others, too.

That is why WCF started its “Double Goal” Events for a Cause initiative, to help companies improve team morale with confidence-building activities that encourage them to work together – and toward a common charitable goal.

Charitable Military Packages Charity-driven events are not just centered on fundraising; they can result in gifts of time, skills, or physical objects that are of significance to those receiving them.

For example, some of our past teams built bicycles for kids, assembled care packages for overseas military, and stuffed back-to-school backpacks for students.
All of this happened while teams participated in fun and exciting missions, got to know each other through problem solving and teamwork, and promoted a sense of goodwill and fulfillment on a company-wide level.

Even if you want to plan a corporate team building event but do not have a charity in mind, we can help you select a deserving group that aligns with your values and goals.


“Double Goal” Events for a Cause are all about having fun and helping others in the process. For more information on selecting the right “Double Goal” Event for a Cause, contact your expert planning representative at 773.486.7403

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