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Recently, a Fortune 500 company asked WCF to find a team building program to help wrap-up their day of meetings and further emphasize their company goal of Operational Excellence and Innovation.  Following a morning of meetings, WCF executed a 60-team Mousetrap Race Car Challenge, the perfect event combiningcommunication, creativity and competition.

Over 350 attendees worked together on teams to not only design and build their race car but adapt and change their design to create the car with the best wheel alignment, weight and overall design to travel the furthest distance.  The winning car traveled a record 60 feet (and yes, a couple cars went backwards but were quickly fixed!).  Teams saw firsthand how working together to create a design from scratch helped them focus on their overall corporate goal of operational excellence and innovation.

To learn more about the Mousetrap Race Car Challenge, contact your sales representative today at 773.486.7403, Request a Proposal or Visit WCF online.

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