International Team Building

Have you ever considered the inherent disconnect your remote and international workers experience, being out on a solo mission?

Sure, there are certain liberties that come with independent roles, yet remote employees lack the opportunities your in-house staff have to build relationships with each other. No, email and Skype don’t count.

That is why organizing events that bring the entire staff together are important not only for the sake of your employees far and wide, but also for the health of your business.

Remote workers who have the opportunity to develop in-person connections with onsite staff have a stronger impact on the organization, because they understand the culture and communication driving the company.

One of the ways we recommend a rendezvous is through a corporate team-building event. Typically, these events encourage employees to work together through goal-oriented games and missions.

But it isn’t just about fun and games; team building is sometimes the only opportunity for in-house, international and other remote employees to be together. It may be the rare, yet crucial, occasion workers need to build relationships and develop a genuine community where ideas can be exchanged for the benefit of each other and the organization.

If you have been thinking about a way to bring your remote and international workers into the fold, then a corporate team-building event planned by Windy City Fieldhouse may be the answer. Based in Chicago, we also travel throughout the United States to motivate your employees from far and wide.

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