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How To Boost Corporate and Team Building Event Attendance


You’ve just spent weeks planning your corporate or team building event only to have a portion of the employees show up. It’s the ultimate deflator. The good news is we have some advice to boost event attendance. It’s a simple change that works the majority of the time, and it’s definitely worth your attention.

Go from Weekend to Weekday

The most popular times to host corporate events or team building activities are Friday through Sunday. That’s largely because many people assume that’s when employees have more availability. The truth is, weekends can be some of the busiest times for employees. Some have families, and others want to spend time on their weekend hobbies.

Nevertheless, companies continue to plan many of their events on the weekends. This drives up demand and creates peak times and premium prices. In some cases, you’re paying more money and getting lower attendance.

Now, what if we told you that planning your corporate and team building events on a weeknight or earlier in the week could boost event attendance – and possibly save you money? Hosting your company’s gatherings on these “off” times means you could also have more choice in venues, as they won’t be scheduled months in advance.

It’s a small change to make in exchange for improving your corporate and team building event attendance. Give it a try when you plan your next company outing and see if it makes a difference in your numbers.

Tired of Planning Your Company/Team Events?

WCF Events is Chicago’s premier team building and corporate event planning partner. We have planned and executed events for some of the most influential organizations in the country, from Fortune 500 brands to cutting-edge startups. Call (773) 486-7403 to discuss your plans or send us a message online.

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