Virtual Team Building

Looking for an immediate way to reconnect and motivate your employees that are working in different locations? WCF created Virtual Team Building to help keep staff motivated and engaged whether they are working from home or are located at different offices across the country. Using a variety of web based software your team is connected and put into teams. The entertaining, Second City trained emcee creates energy and enthusiasm while they brief the group on the details of the event via a webinar. Along the way they help encourage participation and answer questions. Here are a few options to choose from:

  • Virtual Scavenger Hunt – Get your team working together to complete tasks and challenges in a virtual setting by submitting video or photo evidence. Teams are asked to do things like determine who on their team has the most rolls of toilet paper in their home or to take a photo of someone surfing on an ironing board! Collaboration and teamwork are an essential part of this event, not to mention having fun! NEW Family Version – created for companies looking for a virtual alternative to their annual in-person family outing!
  • Virtual Wellness Program – Encourage your team to learn more about wellness! Similar in format to the Virtual Scavenger Hunt, the Virtual Wellness Program puts your group on teams. Each team must complete a series of wellness themed challenges. This event is available in a 1 hour format along with a week-long challenge with new activities each day of the week!
  • Virtual Pub TriviaRemote teammates band together to answer trivia questions in this fast paced virtual event. Each round consists of 10 to 15 questions from different categories like pop culture, sports, general knowledge and even custom company trivia. Answers are submitted online for points and the team with the most points wins!
  • Virtual Mosaic Challenge – Each participant is sent art supplies, a canvas, a portion of an image and instructions. During the event participants will paint their portion of an overall image in a virtual paint night setting. Once everyone completes their work of art, all the pieces are assembled into the larger image. The Virtual Mosaic focuses on creativity and demonstrates how we are each one piece to a larger puzzle, each piece essential to the final product!
  • Virtual Game Show – This activity takes your team on a journey though popular game shows like Family Feud, Jeopardy and many more! The event is hosted by our Second City Trained Emcee to encourage participation and make sure everyone is having a great time!
  • Virtual Cooking Challenges, Happy Hours and More!

No matter which option you choose, your team enjoys a fun virtual event while sparking some camaraderie and bridging connections between employees at home or satellite offices!

More Great Team Building Ideas! (PDF)

Event Benefits/ROI

  • Connect employees that are in different locations
  • Enhance teamwork, and communication skills
  • Provide a highly engaging, interactive and entertaining event for employees
  • Build morale, camaraderie and goodwill with employees

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