8 Ways to Kick Off 2021 with a Bang!

Remember back in March when we thought this would all be over in a few weeks. We waited and postponed until we finally accepted our new normal. Looking back on the chaos of 2020 reminds us that we shouldn’t wait any longer to get ready for the New Year! During the hardest times, our employees were the key to keeping things going. It’s time to motivate and energize our team during the final stretch back to normalcy. While we are all optimistic and excited to return to in-person events soon, we need to act now to start off 2021 while we wait. Here are a few ideas on how to kick off 2021 with a much needed bang:


  • Virtual Scavenger Hunt: This fast-paced team event has easily become our #1 virtual event. Teams use an app to complete a variety of photo and video missions around their homes or office. Lots of laughs and team bonding are guaranteed!
  • Virtual January Holiday Party: Didn’t have time to host a holiday event in December, not to worry! Host your Holiday Event in January as a great way to kick off the New Year and to say thank you to a job well done in 2020.
  • Virtual Tastings – Wine, Beer, Cheese, Chocolate, Sake, Whiskey and more: Cheers to the New Year with an interactive tasting of your choice! This event combines a gift sent to each employee with a fun and educational event that keeps your employees talking for weeks to come!
  • Virtual Experiences – Safari, Improv Show, Game Show, Mentalist, Magician and more: Break up mundane Zoom calls with an interactive, out of the box experience. With so many options to choose from, you are guaranteed to find something for everyone to enjoy!
  • Virtual Team Challenge: Built to replicate our classic in-person Team Challenge, the Virtual Team Challenge focuses on Team Strategy, Communication and other ROI’s!
  • Virtual Pub Trivia: Put your employees’ knowledge to the test with a team spirited trivia event. Teams work together to answer the most questions correctly. Guests learn a lot of new facts and also a lot about one another!
  • Virtual Wellness Programs: Get your team feeling good and refreshed for 2021! The Wellness Program has 1 hour to 1 month long options depending on your wellness initiatives. This event is a great way to encourage healthy habits and overall wellbeing.
  • Virtual Cooking Class: Cook up something fresh with a step by step cooking class! This event boosts employee confidence by showing them just how easy it is to make delicious recipes.


Take advantage of the fresh slate that comes with the New Year and discuss how to set the tone for 2021 by calling Murrel (773-486-7403, murrel@wcfevents.com).

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