To Build Company Culture, First Build Your Team


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The concept of ‘company culture’ is everywhere these days. For some, it’s about the definition of acceptable working hours; for others, company culture simply translates to whether or not yoga pants are considered professional attire.

On the whole, though, many organizations are at a loss when it comes to building their own culture. What works for the group, what are the boundaries, and how to keep it alive are just some of the concerns of today’s organizations. And while there’s certainly something to the idea that culture evolves organically, we also believe that building a team is a logical place to invoke it.

How does building a team inspire company culture?

You’ll probably be relieved to know that building your team doesn’t require you to start from scratch. In fact, what we’re referring to is helping your existing team find, develop, and execute ways to work better together.

Let’s say you have a great group of employees who do their best work individually. When it comes to collaborating; however, this same group struggles to be productive. If you can help them get past the roadblocks and capitalize on the strengths of the group, then you have a knockout team that can overcome challenges. And they can do it in a style that works best for them and the company. This is how you inspire organic company culture.

Where can you begin building your team?

One of our favorite methods for creating culture is by coordinating a team building event that interests you and your employees.

If you’ve been a part of a corporate team building event in the past, you may remember it as a bunch of trust falls and ice breaker questions. Well, you can throw all that out the window.

Nowadays, you can have a team building event while you go on a high-tech scavenger hunt across the city, compete in a customized “Amazing Race,” or team up for high-stakes board game competitions. It’s all about being interactive with each other in order to improve communication, develop problem-solving skills, and encourage confidence in your team.

Team building events can include different challenges, goals and objectives. To see which activities can work best for your group, check out the Corporate Team Building Events.

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