WCF Scavenger Hunts in Your City – Lake Geneva & Milwaukee We’re Talking to You!

The WCF Events’ team has perfected the art of the scavenger hunt in Chicago, and now we’re sharing our expertise beyond the boundaries of the Windy City!

Several versions of these popular team-building events have already been developed for Lake Geneva and Milwaukee, and we are ready to create a hunt in a city near you–any city in the United States!

The scavenger hunt format’s combination of activity, problem-solving, and just plain fun makes for a team-building event that is second to none. And our years of experience allow us to tailor a hunt to any specifications you may have.

Energizing and entertaining, WCF Events’ scavenger hunts have an extra benefit besides the team building–amazing photo ops! Snaps of your team having fun together in intriguing locations make for irresistible social media sharing. And it’s not unusual to end up with pictures worthy of printing, framing, and displaying on an office wall!

Contact Murrel Karsh (murrel@wcfevents.com or 773.486.7403) to schedule your scavenger hunt. Let WCF Events handle all the details–in any city, nationwide!

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