Corporate Wellness Events New For 2020 – Find The Perfect Wellness Event For Your Team

Help employees keep their resolutions and create a healthier workplace. It is easy to set health goals. It is harder to keep those goals with the stresses of work and everyday life. Break the cycle! Let the workplace be part of the solution instead of the problem.

WCF Events can add a wellness component to any of its traditional corporate events. Having an event that centers around wellness is a great way to help employees get motivated, start healthy trends, and stay in mental and physical shape. WCF Events has a solution for every quarter of the year. Pick a quarter for corporate wellness or plan an event once a quarter to keep your team on track all year long! 

Q1- Wellness Team Building

Jump into the new year with a team-building event. Focus on building better business practices and add wellness objectives to your team-building event as you see fit. Your team building event is completely customizable to fit your needs – add a station that focuses on communication, a station that focuses on physical fitness and a station that focuses on mental awareness. If desired, make every station wellness focused! The goal is to create the perfect event that fits your team’s needs.

Q2 – Wellness Scavenger Hunt

Are you hunting for something to do with your team after a long winter? Are you trying to scavenge around for the right idea? When Spring comes it is a great time to get outdoors and have a Scavenger Hunt in Chicago. Our Wellness Scavenger Hunts are the perfect event to bring healthy fun to your staff. Teams travel from location to location throughout the city of Chicago and track their steps along the way. They also discover healthy and delicious food and engage in low-intensity fitness challenges at different destinations. It is an excellent way for your entire team to get active and motivated while having fun!

Q3 – Wellness Summer Event

Let the games begin! Our Olympic challenge event is a great outdoor summer event. Split into teams and compete in games such as sand volleyball, baggo, softball, and more! Physical fitness and healthy eating go together. So, WCF Events has teamed up with the best caterers in Chicago to bring you a delicious and healthy lunch. WCF Events customizes the Olympic challenge to meet your teams’ needs. Our event planning professionals help create an event that focuses on self-care, mental awareness, physical fitness, or one of your team’s wellness goals.

Q4 – Wellness Employee Appreciation Events and Holiday Parties

Give back to your employees at the end of the year. Remind them that wellness does not have to mean hard work and sweat. For example, let WCF Events schedule a massage day at your office and provide healthy smoothies to the entire staff. Delicious, healthy, and relaxing!

Perhaps try breaking away from your typical Christmas party and get active with a dodgeball tournament at our indoor facility. It is a great way to get your team active while the weather is cold. Also, throwing balls at your co-workers is a ton of fun!

And don’t forget, Physical wellness means little without a healthy mind. Help employees focus on their inner selves by adding a charitable component to your event. Getting hands-on and building a tricycle for a child in need is a nice change of pace instead of dropping your spare change in a donation jar. It feels good to get hands-on!

Let’s Pick A Date And Meet Some Wellness Goals!

Regardless of what time of year you would like to plan your Corporate Wellness event, WCF Events has a solution for you. Call Murrel at 773-486-7300 or email to get started on a Corporate Wellness event for your team!

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