ScavengerHunt BBQ

Help Your Employees Take a “Step” in the Right Direction!

WCF Events has elevated the scavenger hunt to an art form. Choose a theme of interest to your group–notable architecture, haunted hangouts, Magnificent Mile magic, and historical sites are just a few of our virtually unlimited possibilities–or we can customize a hunt just for you. Our experts will plan every detail, leaving your crew free to show up and start having fun!

So what’s the unexpected payoff? Fitness! Your scavenger hunters can expect to log between 5,000 and 10,000 steps during the course of the event, and we guarantee they’ll have fun doing it! The adrenaline rush from a little friendly competition boosts morale and puts a sparkle in the eye, and a brisk walk (maybe even a little jog?) gets engines firing on all cylinders.

On a recent event our spy guides overhead the CEO comment on how happy he was to learn how far his team had walked in such a short time frame. He was so pleased he couldn’t wait to plan the next wellness focused event! The scavenger hunt is designed to be just that – not too strenuous but active enough to get people moving in a way that is safe and fun for all guests. If desired WCF creates custom wellness focused clues and destinations to enhance the wellness takeaways! Guests will experience how easy and fun it can be to get active.

Your team will enjoy a day out of the office while they hone their creative thinking and problem-solving skills, of course, and friendships are formed and strengthened as everyone interacts in new ways. A change of thought and scenery does everyone a world of good! Throw in some fitness and you have the perfect wellness team event. Put a little fun in your fitness, and a little fitness in your next corporate function. Contact Murrel Karsh ( or 773.486.7403) to schedule your scavenger hunt today!

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