How to Make the Most of Your Next Team Building Event

Your team is having issues. Deadlines are falling by the wayside or maybe quality has been subpar. How do you strengthen the group and get back on track? It sounds like a Team Building event could be the solution. But what type of event should you choose? There are so many options out there. Someone suggests an evening of bowling…and let’s pause the tape right here.

Not all team building events are created equal. Bowling might be a great idea if you need to focus on building relationships and having a fun night out to let off some steam but if you are looking to solve a different problem you should keep looking. WCF is here to help make sure that you choose an event that will effectively solve your team’s specific issues. We even created an online tool that organizes our Events by Impact to help get you started!

Our expert event representatives take it a step further by listening to your needs and discussing your key takeaways to pinpoint your problem areas. They work with you to suggest which event will most effectively get your point across to your employees. For example, a client may call us about booking a scavenger hunt for their group. The first thing our event representative does is take a step back and ask the client what goals they want to achieve from this team building activity. In this example, the client says they want to focus on getting to know each other and understanding the perspectives of others across the entire group of attendees including all levels of management. Now the scavenger hunt is a wonderful team building event designed to boost morale, enhance relationships, improve communication and of course, see the sights and sounds of the city. However, if a key objective is to keep the group together for the entire event and work together as a whole, the scavenger hunt isn’t the perfect fit as it breaks attendees into smaller individual groups for the majority of the event. In this case, knowing the client’s objectives for the event, we would suggest an event like our Team Challenge instead.

The Team Challenge has similar key takeaways but it keeps the group together in one location for the duration of the event. It also allows each team to compete against each other as teams rotate through the stations to ensure they are interacting with everyone in the group. The Team Challenge also offers activity stations that are specifically designed to match the key objectives of the event. And if desired, we end the event with a Deep Skills Debrief which is an open discussion that ties each activity to the real world application. And there are other great options as well but this gives a quick example as to why it is important to talk through your event goals with someone like WCF to ensure you pick the RIGHT event for your team. And, no matter what you set as your desired takeaways, WCF has a solution that is fun, engaging and effective.

Contact Murrel Karsh today ( or 773.486.7403) to explore how WCF Events truly strengthens your corporate team while also making sure everyone as a fun and entertaining day!

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