Cake Boss : Let's Cut the Cake Team Challenge

The beginning of the year always brings a heightened sense of awareness on team goals and the ongoing challenge for HR managers to improve team morale. “Let’s Cut the Cake” Team Challenge – focusing on communication, creativity and thinking outside the box – is the perfect event to kick off the New Year.

Combining the flare and excitement of the show “Cake Boss” with WCF’s award-winning Team Challenge, “Let’s Cut the Cake” Challenge is designed to re-energize your team and get them focused on 2017 goals while increasing morale and improving teamwork. Teams work together to design a cake while completing challenges and trivia to acquire additional supplies needed to enhance their cake masterpiece. Designs are judged not only on appearance but their ability to convey the corporate message communicated to the teams at the beginning of the challenge. Successful teamwork, creativity and time management tend to bring home the winning designs! Once all the designs are complete, each team makes a presentation to prove why their masterpiece takes the cake!

Click here to learn more about how you can help get your team focused and energized to meeting its new goals for 2017 with WCF’s “Let’s Cut the Cake Challenge.

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