Gamification is transforming corporate events by creating new ways to motivate employees and more importantly, increase employee engagement. Gamification takes something you are already doing and makes it more effective by adding game elements to the process like a scoring system, prizes or rules of play. It works because of the motivation in all of us for community, feedback, achievement and reward.  Gamification helps drive action of participants, helping push along big picture objectives and takeaways. When you throw a company picnic or a team-building event, the key to the success of your event could be gamification.

Do you want your employees to actually learn something at your team building events? Plan a Team Challenge that gets everyone involved by placing your employees into teams to compete in a series of activities. More people will engage if they know their team is counting on them. Even those who do not directly compete will have fun rooting for their favorite team. WCF even designs each activity station to instill different takeaways like communication, group problem solving or understanding perspectives. In addition, Team Challenges are customized to ensure your unique objectives are the main focus. Give your employees a chance to have fun while you make your workplace better through increased employee engagement and camaraderie!

Do you want to increase engagement at your company picnic? Hot dogs and hamburgers are a great way to lure employees to a company picnic. But, making sure they do more than eat before they leave is essential to the success of your event. Incorporate an Olympic Games themed activity into your next company picnic complete with gold, silver and bronze medals for the top teams! Your employees are going to be motivated to win gold in front of all their co-workers. Make this an annual event so bragging rights will carry from year to year, giving your employees a reason to look forward to the next event!

During the holidays, it feels good to give back not only to your staff but also to the community! You can have fun and raise money for charity by hosting a Casino Night with WCF Events.  Better than mingling at a cocktail reception, your employees enjoy food and cocktails while playing roulette, blackjack, poker to raise money for a charitable cause. Guests either love a chance to learn a new game or show off their skills if they are a seasoned player. Not to mention how fun it is to gamble with fake money! The tables stay full all night which means more shared laughs and conversation among your employees! This is a great way to build relationships and create lasting memories all by adding some casino themed gaming!

Gamification is a powerful tool that taps into your employee’s inner motivations. Let WCF Events Gamify your next event to get more out of your employees through fun and games! Email Murrel Karsh at, call 773-486-7403 or fill out our request for proposal form, and we will reach out to you.

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