When you live in the Midwest, every second of summer counts. The need to soak up every ray of sunshine means schedules are filled to the brim with weddings, vacations and outdoor outings. That’s why planning ahead is crucial for the summer season. Especially when it comes to company events.

Here’s why it’s perfectly fine, dare we say essential, to start planning for summer before the first snowfall even hits:

Venue Selection

So little spaces, so little time. When looking for the perfect place to host your event, chances are you aren’t the only one. And if you wait too long, you’ll be stuck having to settle for what is left. Venues set the stage for the entire event and getting into the right one, could make or break it. Being the first to plan means you get first choices at the locations everyone will soon be fighting after.

Date Choice

When it comes to planning summer parties, everything is a race—the venue, the DJ, the date. If you don’t choose it first, someone else will. With summertime schedules being busy, getting the right date that works for your company is vital. The point of these events is to bring as many people together as possible. Picking a date far in advance ensures that people can have it on their calendars and be in attendance.

Time to Choose

What shall you do this year? A picnic? A rooftop party? A food truck rally? Give back event? The possibilities are essentially endless. All of the options come with pros and cons and an idea that you like this week, may not be one that sticks out the next. Getting a head start on the party planning gives you plenty of time to go back and forth between options, do your research and fully weigh out the pros and cons before deciding what to officially settle on.

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