Ask the Experts: How to Choose the Right Summer Event for Your Company

In this episode of “Ask the Experts”, WCF President and Co-Founder, Murrel Karsh, shares his 25 years of strategic event planning advice on what to consider when planning your company’s summer event. The webinar begins with a discussion of the key questions that should be considered before the planning even starts in order to maximize the impact and value from the event for the company.

There are many great types of summer events but they all have different impacts. So how does one know which one is best for their group? Murrel explains the importance of aligning the summer event type to your targeted outcomes and impacts. Otherwise a company could have a wonderful event but not achieve their desired results, which is the last thing any event planner wants. Over the course of the 30 minute webinar, Murrel reviews the various summer event options that are available along with their resulting areas of impact to your team. The pairings might be different than you would think!

This webinar is geared toward planners of all skill level, but more specifically those who are looking to shake things up and do something more impactful for this year’s annual summer event. A Q&A session follows the presentation.

We hope you enjoy the first installment of our Ask the Experts series and maybe learn a few tips and tricks on how to plan the most effective and fun event for your company!

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