Planning a summer company picnic can sometimes feel like planning a wedding. Everyone wants to host their event outside! You have to schedule in advance, otherwise you are left with second- and third-choice dates and venues. Especially in a city like Chicago, where the warm weather is limited to just a few short months.

So how can you ensure that you get the date and location you really want for next year’s company picnic? You start planning now, right this second, because that is what others are doing, too.

Here at Windy City Fieldhouse Corporate Events, we know how competitive it can get when booking events, so we are already accepting reservations for 2016 summer picnics and BBQs. Clients who take this early approach often comment that it takes the stress off them because it eliminates last-minute planning in the spring, and allows them to get it off the books before the busy holiday season.

Best of all, we do all of the planning, setup, cleanup and more for your summer events. WCF Corporate Events is the leading corporate events company in Chicago and the suburbs for a reason: we know what we are doing, and we do it the very best for our clients.

Interactive Summer Picnics

Interactive Summer BBQs

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