Corporate Party

There is a lot of talk these days about improving “company culture,” and there is one step any size business can take to do just that: make time for corporate parties.

We know, it sounds simple, but according to Asana co-founder Dustin Moskowitz these social events are just what employees need to feel like a part of that culture.

Moskowitz claims, “When you successfully connect with your co-workers on this level, you begin to feel more like partners on the same team, rather than just individuals that transact with each other.”

Corporate parties can help your team establish that much-needed sense of togetherness that only happens away from the office. By removing the obligations of meetings and deadlines, employees have the room to discuss things that matter outside of the conference room. On the flip side, teams also tend to discuss things happening at work, which helps break through barriers and gain fresh perspective in a more relaxed, open environment.

The result: Team members have the opportunity to recharge their batteries, establish meaningful relationships with co-workers, and celebrate the accomplishments of the company. Oftentimes, this helps employee productivity and overall happiness at work. Who doesn’t want happiness as part of their company culture?

Planning Your Corporate Party

Now that you see the value in scheduling time for company parties, we have even better news: we’l l plan the event for you!

Windy City Fieldhouse is located in Chicago, but has the resources and connections to secure your event in the city, suburbs, and even across the country.

Here are some corporate event ideas to get you started, and here is our number to call when you are ready for us to step in: (773) 486-7403.

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