Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has and continues to be a top priotiry for businesses. In today’s world it is important to show that companies care about making the world a better place, so much so that the younger generations consider it heavily when choosing to work for a company. There are many ways to accomplish CSR goals like donating money which is an easy way for companies to give towards social issues but it doesn’t leave a lasting impact on the individual employees. Employees want to feel more connected to the cause, especially in the current post-covid, remote/hybrid working situations. So how are you able to drill down your efforts to not only help bring awareness and assistance to social groups but also make your employees feel like they are a part of these “do good” efforts?


WCF Events (WCF) has found a solution that gives companies the best of both worlds and beyond. WCF organizes several charitable event experiences that are flexible to fit any group size and agenda along with being interactive to ensure the participants feel like they had a hand in making a difference. WCF has complied a list of items to be donated to a variety of charities. In turn, these items need to either be built or packed into care packages and your employees work together to get the job done! For example, teams build bikes, trikes or wagons to be donated to local boys and girls clubs, pack Military Care Packages with toiletries and snacks for our troops overseas or pack backpacks full of school supplies for kids in need, just to name a few charitable programs.


You choose between packing and building and then WCF designs the event around your agenda. Want to add a charitable component to your next sales meeting? WCF sets up a building station during your lunch break. Want to pair a give back event with your quarterly team building event? WCF designs a charitable build station into our award winning Team Challenge event. The options are endless and all focused on keeping employees engaged and involved in giving back. Explore the options here!


To enhance your team’s give back experience email Murrel Karsh at, call 773-486-7403 or fill out a request for proposal form.

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