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Summer Outings are not one size fits all! WCF Event Experts have pulled together 11 great summer outing event ideas to make it easier to find the perfect fit for your specific group! Do you have a competitive team who likes a challenge? We have a solution for you! Do you want to invite families? We have solutions for you! No matter your requirements or goals, WCF has solutions that engage and entertain all your guests this summer.

  1. Interactive Summer Picnics – We’re going to start the list with the big kahuna of summer events! Usually a family event, but also good for employee only outings, the Interactive Summer Picnic combines a large outdoor venue, all the entertainment bells and whistles and great food and beverage packages. The options are endless and completely customizable to your group’s interests.
  2. Interactive Corporate BBQ – For some, budget might be a top priority, so we designed the Interactive Corporate BBQ to be a more cost-effective summer event that still provides maximum value. This solution is perfect for employee only groups to enjoy a day outside of the office playing lawn games and enjoying a beer with their peers over a classic BBQ style menu. The staple summer outing!
  3. WCF’s New Summer Outings – Here are some bonus ideas! Sometimes clients are looking for something similar to a picnic or BBQ as described above but with a unique twist. That is where these three summer outing ideas come into play:
    1. Food Truck Rally – Add food trucks to elevate your menu options and give your event an exclusive, foodie element that your employees will love!
    2. Brunch in the Park – A picnic but make it brunch with mimosas, Bloody Mary’s and all of your favorite breakfast menu items!
    3. Taste of Summer – Borrow the feel of Chicago’s famous street fests to create your own collection of entertainment vendors and food options at your summer event.
    4. Rooftop Receptions – WCF has a rolodex full of venue partners. Set up a rooftop outing with entertainment, views and brews!
  4. Olympic Challenge & BBQ – Mimic the competitive spirit of the Summer Olympics with your own Company Olympic Challenge. Great for competitive groups that are ready to battle for office bragging rights and the gold medal.
  5. “Field of Dreams” Softball TournamentA classic team activity that brings your employees together for a fun day out on the field. If softball is too sporty, try a kickball, dodgeball or pickleball tournament instead.
  6. Craft Beer Garden BBQ – Create your own Craft Beer Garden with good music, interesting beer options and good cocktails for a private employee only hang out.
  7. Evening Summer PicnicsThis idea is more for groups that don’t love the heat of the summer. Hosting your event in the evening provides cooler temperatures and slightly cheaper venue rentals. Think of this as a happy hour picnic to enjoy just after the workday ends!
  8. Team Challenge and BBQFor the teams that needs a little boost of motivation or need to reenergize after a hard sales quarter. Adding an element of team building is great for any team that needs a bit of professional development along with a great time. Follow up the challenge with a classic BBQ event to reward them for their hard work!
  9. Scavenger Hunt and BBQThe perfect solution for out-of-town groups or interns that are new to Chicago. Show off the sights and sounds of the city with one of many scavenger hunt programs ending with a lunch or dinner in the park!
  10. “Fall Fest” Picnic and BBQIs summer your busy season (ours too!)? Sometimes summer isn’t the best time to plan an outing for your employees. Or maybe your team just prefers the cool fall weather! Either way, a Fall Fest is a great solution for many groups! It is also the perfect time to add an Oktoberfest theme to your event – and bonus idea!
  11. Charitable Event Add-On – Last by not least, for groups that are philanthropic there are a ton of fun charitable activities that can be added to any event! Giving back is always a good idea and making it a fun activity to do with your peers is a plus!

When we said we have ideas of every group, we meant it! And if you have an objective or specific vision for your summer outing that isn’t outlined above, the WCF team is up to the challenge to create your dream event from scratch! Reach out to Murrel at, 773-486-7403 or by filling out our request for proposal form to get your summer party planning started!

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