Spy Games and Race to a Million – Two New Virtual Events!

At WCF Events, we like to keep things fresh and exciting especially while we are still engaging virtually! We designed TWO NEW and ENGAGING Virtual Events – Virtual Spy Games and Virtual Race to a Million. Both activities disguise team building as a fun and interactive game focused on encouraging individuals to reconnect and work together online! 

  • Virtual Spy Games – Turn on stealth mode, get out your gadgets and prepare to use your wit and knowledge to beat the other teams in this interactive spy themed competition. Teams are enrolled in our World Covert Force (WCF for short) training program requiring them to complete a series of missions and puzzles in the allotted time. Only the top team is promoted to full time agents so it’s important to come up with a strategy and work together to make the most of the running clock.  Virtual Spy Games is a unique and engaging experience unlike any other virtual event program! 
  • Virtual Race to a Million – The challenge is to be the first team to collect 1,000,000 points! Teams earn points towards their goal by completing different activities during each quarter of the competition. Bonus points are essential but you have to work quickly – only the fastest team per activity is rewarded with extra points! This fast paced competition is designed to help build relationships, enhance teamwork and encourage group problem solving in a virtual environment. 

Call Murrel (773-486-7403 murrel@wcfevents.com) to learn more about these new programs along with the rest of our virtual programs!

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