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Why November is Secretly a Great Time for Fun Group Outings in Chicago

Baseball is over. Hockey is in full swing. It must be November, a great time for fun group outings in Chicago.

What? You didn’t know that? Then let’s get you filled in on the reasons, so you can start enjoying all of the fun group outings Chicago has to offer – along with your colleagues, employees, vendors and even clients.

It’s Comfortable

No doubt Chicago is cold in the winter, but November is that magical time between the hot, humid summer and the insane freezing temps. You can plan outdoor scavenger hunts or a company fun run and be comfortable. Some groups are even having their fall company picnics during this time of year.

Less Competition

Lots of companies plan their events in the summer, which means fall can be an easier time to book a fun group outing in Chicago. You have less competition for dates and venues, so you may end up with more selection based on what you like to do. We say cheers to that.

Holiday Lights

In Chicago, the holiday season begins in November, and you can feel it as each downtown building and street is lit up in lights. If you happen to plan your company event outdoors, then you have a magical backdrop to enjoy along with your group. It really is a fun way to see the city leading up to the holidays. (Hint: Rumor has it the “Secret Santa” Charity Scavenger Hunt is hot this year.)

You Can Warm Up, Too

As if November doesn’t already sound like a great time for a fun group outing in Chicago, the after-party really seals the deal. Whether you fancy a hot cider or a hot toddy, these late fall excursions are a great excuse to warm up after the event at a nearby lounge or restaurant – or any other venue that sounds exciting to your crew. We can even help facilitate this for you with our Interactive Reception.

With a more comfortable climate, less competition for dates and venues, the city’s holiday magic and the promise of an after-party, November is secretly a great time of year for your corporate gatherings.

For more fun ideas and examples of group outings, you can head over to our section on Corporate Events.

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