Don’t Forget Remote Employees at Team Building Events


remote employees

The nature of work is changing. Hosting a video call with remote employees on the other side of the world is everyday business. Exchanging notes and documents via Slack is the norm. It’s easier than ever to connect with out-of-towners when it comes to work, but it’s how you connect beyond these boundaries that truly matters for business.

Productivity Increases, So Does Isolation

Employees who work remotely feel their productivity is higher, which benefits them as well as their companies. More productivity can come at a price, however, and for most remote workers that price is isolation. With less opportunity (and in some cases, zero) to personally interact with other members of the team, your long-distance workforce not only feels less connected – they are less connected. The need for human bonding can be overwhelming. Thankfully, there is a way to satisfy it – with team building events.

Why Team Building is On Point

With your local employees, it’s much simpler to establish relationships, and the way things get done is more nuanced. Remote employees, on the other hand, don’t have this same experience. What many leaders don’t recognize right away is the value in bridging these two groups. That is why we encourage our clients to invite remote employees to join them for team building activities at the home office.

Not only do out-of-towners get to see other members of the team (some for the first time), but they also get a glimpse into what life is like at the company. For example, if you’re in the middle of building a company culture, then team building events give you an opportunity to spread those values across the organization, not just with local employees. You not only bring together your people, you bring together the ideas and practices that define the company.

Team building events are the great connector for remote employees. They help workers feel more understood, more included, more valued. Invite your out-of-towners to your team building activities and holiday parties this year, and give them even more reasons to love your company.

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