Why Cooking Team Building Events are So Hot Right Now

team cooking challenge

Back in the day (we’re talking ‘80s era) I remember going across the street to my best friend’s house for dinner a couple nights a week. Her mom would whip up one of her made-from-scratch specialties and we would all sit down to share the meal and stories about our day. It was always surprising what kinds of things we found out about each other over that half-hour (my BFF’s brother got sent to the principal again). By the time I graduated high school, I had gone on multiple family vacations with them, been included in various holiday festivities, and pretty much carved out a place for myself in that tribe.

That got me thinking to how much bonding happens over food. For some people, making a meal for others is their way of expressing themselves. They get as much joy out of preparing it as they do watching their family and friends enjoy it. And when you get people working together in the kitchen…well, it’s just pure magic.

I think this is what has made cooking team building events so popular as a corporate activity. It doesn’t matter if you’re a great cook; this type of team building event gets employees in the mindset of having fun, sharing their ideas, and working together toward a very delicious finished product – something that translates well back at the office.

Signature Meetings agrees, and calls these cooking events “multi-sensory meetings.” According to the publication, 78 percent of event organizers believe that multi-sensory events offer more memorable and creative experiences for attendees. The sense of smell, as the article reminds us, is closely linked to memory and “what can drive…behavioral change in the future.”

In a separate article, cooking team building events are described as the “great leveler with executives, especially if they are not used to being in the kitchen. New group skills can come forward.”

It makes sense if you think about it. Being in the kitchen makes you feel good, even if you’re typically an observer at your own family gatherings. Whether it’s decorating a monster cake or teaming up for a cooking challenge, culinary team building events give employees the opportunity to overcome obstacles, encourage each other to try something new, and celebrate victoriously.

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