Themes to Enhance Your Next Company Picnic

There is nothing more classic than a Company Picnic. But how do you keep this annual event from getting stale year after year? WCF Events has years of experience planning company picnics and taking them to the next level! Adding a theme to your next company picnic gets your employees and their families excited and engaged before the big day arrives. Here are some themes to choose from:

Food Themes

Everyone loves good food! Changing the menu is a great way to spice up annual event.  Let WCF Events find the best menu to go with your food themed event. Add Breakfast and Mimosas for a Brunch in the Park. Gather your favorite food trucks for a Food Truck Rally. Offer local beers selections and small bites for a Craft Beer Garden BBQ. Or serve hot dogs with all the toppings (except ketchup) and deep dish pizzas for a “Taste of Chicago”. The options are endless so it is easy to send your guests on a different culinary journey each year.

Active Themes

Summer is the best time to go ouside and play! Entice your guests to come to your event by proviging them with new things to do every year. Bring out friendly competition with a “Field of Dreams” Softball Tournament. Join in on the fun of the 2020 Summer Olympics by hosting your own Olympic Challenge at your barbecue. Test your guests’ strength and agility with a Ninja Warrior Theme complete with a giant obstacle course. WCF even created a new Wellness Summer Outing that focuses on teaching easy ways to be active and forming healthy habits for employees to incorporate into their daily lives. Help your employees stay happy and healthy with an active outing!

Just for Fun Themes

Sometimes its just about having fun! Set up a carnival with games and face paint or do something more exotic like a Luau with a pig roast. Celebrate your employees with an Oktober Fest or Fall Themed event! Lucky for you all themes are fun so any theme you choose will put a new spin on a timeless outing – the options are endless!


So, what is the right theme for your company picnic? Contact WCF Events to brainstorm the perfect idea for your next company picnic.

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