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Combine 4th quarter team building with giving back, and give employees a real sense of personal worth.


When you do good, you feel good.

That’s the motivation behind many companies doing something different this year: turning your next company outing into a give-back event for their community.

While corporate events are certainly effective at engaging employees, adding a new dimension like giving back brings the group together in even more meaningful ways. When your intentions behind give-back events are rooted in genuine social care, employees are more likely to have a positive view of the company. This often transcends to an amazing experience and profound effect on the community.

So, how can your company turn your next company event into one that gives back, too?

Start Planning Right Away

Whether you are putting the final touches on your upcoming holiday party, beginning the search for an end of the year event or even looking into next year’s summer outing, it’s a good idea to begin the planning process now. If you don’t already have a cause you’re connected with in the community, then you can research groups in your area to find the right fit. Alternatively, you can contact a charitable event planning company for suggestions. You want to make sure that you have enough time to secure the event details and meet your charitable objectives.

Introduce the Initiative

It’s important to ground your efforts throughout the company, so employees feel a real connection to the cause once it’s time for the team building/give-back event. You might include information about the organization in your company newsletter or emails, organize a visit to the group’s headquarters, or plan smaller events leading up to the main event. These steps help get employees excited and engaged, and support your community in more ways than just the big event.

Give-back events can have a serious impact on real people with real needs. Consider turning your upcoming events into ones that give back.

To learn more about give-back events and find inspiration, head over to the charitable events gallery.

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