Summer Picnics 101: WCF Events Puts the Cherry on Top

Ah, the company summer picnic. Free food, beverages and the opportunity to get out of the office and relax with coworkers. But how can you freshen things up to present a five-star event that gets “can’t wait to do this again” reviews? The experts at WCF Events have the magic formulas, as always!

Themes–Not Just for Parks

Consider adopting a theme and plan all your festivities in keeping with your choice! Golf has been popular this summer–WCF Events can provide a Golf Swing Analyzer with accompanying golf pro to educate each guest and perfect their form. Then try out the new-found knowledge on a mini golf course–fun for the whole family!

Why not a Ninja Warrior theme with a giant Ninja Warrior course? WCF Events was recently able to orchestrate this highly successful picnic for a local client. Our planners can help you pick a theme and plan the party around it!

Having Fun, Doing Good

Not everyone thinks to combine their company’s charitable initiatives with their summer outing, but at WCF Events, we say, “Why not?”

Include a bike-building station or an assembly line to stuff school supplies in backpacks for kids in need. Another option is to prepare care packages for our military serving overseas.

Your guests will leave with a little extra glow, knowing they helped to brighten someone else’s day!

An Emcee Creates Energy

For a high-octane, active function, consider a live emcee to host your event. WCF Events partners with a team of engaging personalities trained to entertain, encourage participation and power up the party energy level. If you’re considering team-building relays at your picnic, an emcee is definitely the way to go! Our emcees are also invaluable as humorous hosts for pub-style trivia entertainment options.

WCF Events emcee’s work in tandem with our trained events staff to make sure the entire crowd is engaged. Our team members are on hand for the duration of your party, and their experience allows them the flexibility to adapt to any situation, ensuring it all runs smoothly.

So if you’d like to schedule a Summer picnic or spice up your already planned event…

Contact Murrel Karsh ( or 773.486.7403) to start planning now before summer slips away!

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