Charitable Events

Nothing feels better than helping someone in need, especially during the season of giving. Socially responsible companies are looking for ways to extend their culture of purpose to this year’s holiday party. If this describes your organization, then read on for some great charitable event ideas you can use to enhance your own Chicago holiday party.

“Double Goal” Events for a Cause

Charitable event meets holiday party in the “Double Goal.” Bring your team together for a fun Chicago holiday event while encouraging philanthropy with an activity like building bikes for kids, creating care packages for military, or another objective that aligns with your current social responsibility program.

Bike Building

There is nothing better than a new bike, except for the feeling your team will get when they’re the ones putting them together for kids in need. You don’t need any special skills to make this charitable event idea one to remember, just some helping hands and a festive spirit.

Build a Stuffed Animal

If your Chicago holiday party is starting to feel the same every year, then adding a charitable event can really make a difference. Building stuffed animals together not only gives employees a real sense of purpose, but also strengthens the culture you are building within the organization.

Challenge for the Troops

How can you help active duty personnel or veterans at home? Challenge for the Troops encourages your team to work together to solve special challenges and then stuff care packages for military individuals and/or families. This is a great charity event idea for those who currently partner with a military charity or who want to start.

Operation Backpack

You know how important it is for kids to have the school supplies they need. Unfortunately, many of them lack the resources or do not have access. Operation Backpack is a special team building event where completing activities helps you earn school supplies and backpacks to donate to kids, and it makes a great addition to your holiday party.

Team Building for a Cause

If you want to bring your team together over more than just a nice dinner, then Team Building for a Cause can fit the bill. Employees get to participate in fun, interactive team building activities that incorporate charitable events for a new twist on holiday entertaining.

Secret Santa Charity Scavenger Hunt

Helping local families in need while building team unity is the goal of this charitable event idea. Your teams go on a scavenger hunt and buy “Secret Santa” items around Chicago, then the holiday party continues with wrapping the gifts and celebrating the season.

Scavenger Hunts for a Cause

As if a scavenger hunt with your group isn’t fun enough, combining it with one of your favorite causes makes everyone feel good. Choose the charity and use the scavenger hunt locations to find items needed by kids or families in the area. This gives your holiday party an interactive element that is not only exciting, but also helps employees work together on building relationships and memories.

If you are looking for more ways to extend your social responsibility programs to your Chicago holiday party, then reach out to Windy City Fieldhouse at (773) 486-7403. We specialize in charitable events for company holiday parties in the city and suburbs.

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