WCF Events 2019 – A Year Of Fun, Charity & Satisfied Customers

In 2019 WCF Events had tons of fun, we raised a bunch of money for charity and we left over 300 clients and their employees happy after successful corporate events. We are doing good for clients, doing good for their employees and doing good for charity.  That is what we call a successful year!

To get into the nitty-gritty of things, here are a few of our 2019 accomplishments:

  1. We made life easy for our corporate customers by hosting over 300 events.
  2. We handled the logistics for over 60,000 event guests.
  3. We worked with our customers to donate over half of a million dollars worth of charitable items to over a dozen charities.
  4. We created fifteen new corporate events in 2019, including Food Truck Rally, Brunch in the Park, Taste of Summer, and the Roller Coaster Challenge.
  5. We grilled scrumptious hamburgers, hot dogs, and brats at 150 different company picnics for over 20,000 people. You can’t even imagine how much ketchup was squeezed!

We accomplished a lot in 2019.  It was our 22nd year of planning corporate and charitable events. We traveled all over the country to bring our team building nationwide! But that doesn’t mean we are going to sit back and relax after a job well done! We are already improving our corporate, charitable and team building events to guarantee we serve our clients even better in 2020. Keep an eye on our newsletters, website and social media pages because, in 2020, we are going to be introducing a variety of new Wellness themed events and more – so stay tuned!

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