WCF Events and PNC Make the 15th Grow Up Great Initiative One for the Books!

Three weeks. Seventeen different cities. Over 1,200 tricycles and wagons delivered to local charities!

WCF Events has teamed with PNC to help them achieve their corporate goal of giving back to the community in a meaningful way. The PNC Grow Up Great program is a $500 million initiative that prepares children–particularly underserved children–from birth to age five for success in school and in life.

For the 15th anniversary of this philanthropic initiative, WCF Events custom-built a program to supercharge the excitement of the event while also solidifying team bonds. Best of all, it delivered real assistance to Pre-K children in need of some helping hands.

WCF Events has perfected the equation for a fun philanthropic function–a charitable creation station plus a fun team-building activity. PNC employees from Kansas City, MO to Philadelphia, PA–17 cities in all–participated in this special 15th anniversary Grow Up Great event.

When the dust had settled, over 1,200 tricycles and wagons had been assembled and delivered to local charities, and PNC had once again proven its commitment to giving back to the community with the Grow Up Great initiative. And WCF Events had once again demonstrated its commitment to executing the perfect, every-detail-handled event no matter what city or state – even when an unexpected April snow storm cancelled flight the day before several events. The WCF team found a way to reach all the destinations in their own form of Trains, Planes and Automobiles! But most of all WCF enjoyed helping PNC give back to local communities again this year. It is a true pleasure to be a part of such generosity and caring!

Contact Murrel Karsh (murrel@wcfevents.com or 773.486.7403) and let the experts at WCF Events make your next corporate function the standout event of your year!

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