Virtual Scavenger Hunts – Great Team Activity for the New At Home Work Environment

Large group gatherings are not possible right now. But, companies like yours still need to engage with their employees and encourage teamwork while everyone works from home. Thankfully WCF Events has a solution! In line with the Virtual Team Building that is sweeping the events industry,  WCF Events has rolled out Virtual Scavenger Hunts!

Virtual Scavenger Hunts are a combination of Zoom video conferencing and an app that allows teams to gather online together as a large group but also break out into individual teams for group strategy sessions and the hunt itself – all managed by your WCF Team. Our Emcee hosts the entire event by explaining the rules, keeping everyone on track, answering questions and ending the game by announcing the winners. 

During the event, teams are tasked with Scavenger hunt missions consisting of trivia questions, video challenges, and picture challenges. For example, you may need to see who has the most extensive collection of toilet paper that they can stack into a giant pyramid.  Or, see which employee can first get a photo of someone surfing on an ironing board. Some missions are collaborative where each team member must take a picture of themselves in the shape of one letter to put together to spell an entire word. Not only are teams racing against the clock, but also against other teams! This design brings out employees’ competitive nature, focuses on time management as a team, instills lessons of true team building and ensures everyone has a great time!

Contact Murrel Karsh at WCF Events if you are interested in boosting employee morale, building camaraderie, and to simply break up the time spent at home in isolation.  Email Murrel at or call 773-486-7300.

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