Virtual Fun & Team Building That Adds Value To Your Company

Companies in the event industry are working quickly to adapt to the new workplace environment by offering virtual events. But, are these events right for your company? Most event companies offer virtual events that are focused on having fun, like happy hours and individual activities. WCF Events is doing it a little different by offering events that not only fun but also help with improving motivation, encouraging teamwork and collaboration, and building communication skills. We want to help reconnect your employees and offer lasting ROI’s that build a stronger team in this new, challenging work environment.

Try some authentic team building in a virtual setting WCF Event’s Virtual Scavenger Hunt. WCF Events places your employees into teams so they can work together to complete scavenger hunt missions for points. Teams have to strategize and delegate tasks in order to be successful. Most missions can’t be solved by one individual so teams must collaborate in order to complete them. Will your team be the able to coordinate outfits and take a photo in matching shirts before the mission expires?  Can you work together to figure out which teammate can build the biggest pyramid out of toilet paper? This activity gets people up and moving while they race against the clock and against the other teams!

Another options is our classic team trivia event, Virtual Pub Trivia. The entire event is run by WCF Event’s virtual emcee who gets everyone involved and encourages participation. Attendees are organized into teams through breakout rooms that allow them to compete against one another. A team captain submits the answers, and employees learn to work together as a team while engaging in some healthy competition. It’s a great way to reconnect your staff and give them space to engage in productive and fun conversations. May the best team win

The right event for your team, is an event that benefits both the company and employees. Have fun while reminding staff that working from home still means that they need to work together to complete goals as a team! Contact Murrel Karsh to plan the perfect virtual event for your team by calling 773-486-7403 or emailing

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