Tips for Planning Corporate Events During Phase 3 and Beyond!

It may feel like we are in a constant holding pattern while we wait for an update on how to proceed with events in 2020. It’s hard to make plans when we don’t know the exact guidelines and timelines of the next phases in reopening. There are some things we cannot control but there are a lot more things that we can! WCF has hope that events will be back before we know it, we actually feel like we need them now more than ever.  Summer Associates and Interns are still being onboarded, teams need to be refocused and re-energized especially while being brought back into the office and annual celebrations should still be celebrated. We have event solutions for everyone at any level of comfortability:

Host a Virtual Event

Event planners are the ultimate problem solvers and we all showed that strength when the events industry quickly converted events to match the new virtual work setting. And those virtual events are here to stay! These events are the perfect solutions for groups that are not ready to dive back into in-person events. It’s a great way to reconnect without encouraging direct contact with coworkers, especially once we are back in the office. This is becoming a very popular solution for Summer Associate and Summer Intern Programs. WCF has a series of different virtual team building options to choose from, each designed to engage, motivate and give people a chance to have a great time! Whether your focus is to get your team working together or to focus on wellness or just to release some stress with a funny game show, there is a virtual event that accomplishes your goal with social distancing in mind.

Opt for an Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

Some groups are ready to turn off ZOOM and meet in small groups. For those clients, we’ve adapted our Scavenger Hunt to accommodate the guidelines set by the city and state for small gatherings. Outdoor activities are the first to open up to the public which creates a great opportunity for this unique private event. Imagine teams of nine or less rediscovering the city of Chicago while social distancing in the fresh air! 

Hope for the Best

With the beginning of summer, we start to think about the annual company picnic. Our philosophy is to hope for the best by keeping the opportunity open to have your annual in-person events this year – your team deserves to celebrate, be together and enjoy the outdoors! These events most likely won’t happen in June or July but dates in August through October are looking very likely! WCF is very flexible and doesn’t need your exact date to get the planning started. We do all the work for you ahead of time and wait for your approval to solidify the date. Just because we don’t have an exact timeline doesn’t mean we should miss out on the benefits of a summer (or fall) event!

Have a Back Up Plan

While we are all hoping for the best, we should also be prepared for alternative outcomes. We suggest planning as normal but have a backup option ready to go. For example, be ready for your summer picnic but in case the group gathering sizes haven’t been increased by summer, have a fall date selected as a back-up plan. Or consider splitting your event into two small group events on different days to accommodate the group gathering restriction. Be ready for your fall team meeting by planning a team building event but also get pricing for a virtual version just in case! Again, WCF is here to do the work for you and get you all the options you need to be prepared for the best and the second best 2020 event. 

Plan Ahead to Winter

If summer and fall are just too soon for management to consider, winter events are far enough away that they have become our most popular request! That being said, if you’re even considering hosting a holiday party this year we strongly suggest putting a date on hold as soon as you can. Our hopeful side is looking at what the industry thinks will be the busiest winter for events ever!   Your WCF event team is here to help with venue suggestions, quotes and all that’s in between. 

As we eagerly wait for more information we want to be prepared for the best! There is a lot of positivity swirling around with the opening of patios and the start of outdoor activities. We want to make sure that we help get you and your team ready for your next event once more clearance is given! The return of in-person events is on the horizon and WCF is available to help make the transition as easy and safe as possible. Call Murrel at 773-486-7403 or request a proposal to get the ball rolling on your 2020 event calendar today!

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