4th quarter corporate event ideas

5 Great 4th Quarter Corporate Event Ideas

By the time September rolls around, we all seem to hit the same stride: panic. The end of the year is closing in, which also reminds us we never planned that company event –eek!

Thankfully, there is still time to plan your corporate event for the fall and winter seasons. And to help stoke the fires of creativity, we are throwing out a few exciting 4th quarter corporate event ideas you can make your own.


Interactive Receptions

One word discerns these receptions from the rest: interactive. The idea is to keep guests busy with fun activities they can’t resist while providing a satisfying backdrop of music, food and beverages. Depending on the interests of your group, you might have us create a parlor of high-end arcade games or build a rock climbing wall to the North Pole. It’s all about entertainment, and you can even more ideas on planning an interactive reception here.


Casino Night

Looking for a way to combine your corporate event and fundraising? You can do it with Casino Nights. Black tie or casual, this high-energy event brings Vegas to you with professional production crews to handle audio, lighting and the gaming floor. Guests do not need experience to play, and any part of the proceeds can go to a charitable cause that you currently support. Who says social responsibility can’t be all fun and games.


Pub Trivia

So you want a little something extra for your 4th quarter corporate event – Pub Trivia is the answer! Pub Trivia is a mini-event added to your regularly scheduled meetings, annual holiday party, or as a stand alone activity. Mimicking trivia frequently found in bars and restaurants, Pub Trivia allows teams to compete in a variety of categorized rounds testing their knowledge while getting to know one another. Click here for more information on adding some fun and excitement to your next meeting or event with Pub Trivia.


Interactive Holiday Parties

Give your ho-hum holiday parties a twist by making them interactive. Along with music, food and open bar, you can engage guests with fun activities like mini golf or golf simulators, electronic dart games and pool tables, or even high-end arcade games if that’s your style. Another great 4th quarter corporate event idea is to add a charitable activity to your holiday party, bringing the true spirit of the holidays to your gathering.


Team Challenge

While the rest of the calendar year may have been hectic, you can bring everyone back together with a fun Team Challenge. The goal is to keep everyone engaged with events that involve group problem solving skills and strategic planning – sometimes with the help of marshmallows and toothpicks! If you want to see how these events work, head over to Team Challenges for a quick video and more team building ideas.

Looking for additional 4th quarter corporate event ideas? There’s more where that came from on our Corporate Events section.

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