Company Picnics Aren’t Just for Employees

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The term “company picnics” is a bit of a misnomer. It is generally assumed that picnics are designed for the people that work at the company as a thank you for their hard work. While picnics are certainly intended to reward the employees, it’s common practice to also thank the workers’ families by inviting them to attend the picnic as well (and many times, they outnumber the employees!).

Yesterday’s Company Picnic

Families have been an important part of the company picnic for decades. The Studebaker Company – an American manufacturer of wagons and, later, automobiles – once held a company picnic for 15,000 people that included “nine big circus acts brought to the outing from Chicago, an indoor baseball game, band concert, contests and fireworks….” This was back in 1930, so you can imagine how well the company was doing at the time. Of course, Studebaker was well known for its happy and cooperative employees, and a working environment that was “carefully cultivated” with various employee programs.

The Company Picnic of Today

Company culture remains critical in today’s workplace, perhaps even more so than in Studebaker’s time. But it isn’t just what happens in the office that supports a unique culture; it’s also what transpires outside of team meetings, company travel, and late nights. For most employees, that means their families.

Company picnics are a perfect opportunity to include your employees’ family members; to connect professional and personal lives in a fun, casual environment. They give spouses, parents and kids a chance to gain their own perspective on what “work” means at your company. It gives profound meaning to the time spent in the office and brings family into the fold rather than keeping them at arm’s distance. It’s that sense of inclusion that makes family feel valued, and that translates to your employees feeling happy, too.

Start Planning Your Picnic Today

The great news about planning a company picnic is you don’t have to do it alone. WCF Events specializes in corporate picnics for companies of all sizes. Our picnic specialists will customize an event that matches your employees’ interests, from traditional to modern to everything in between.

To get started, check out these 10 ideas for company picnics or request a free quote from our team.

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