Looking for a fun program to get your summer interns or associates working better together? Need something to kick off your new hire training week?

WCF offers a great Summer Associate Program and New Hire Training Program that focuses on bringing a group of younger employees together to break down barriers, enhance relationships and build camaraderie. Your summer interns or associates are with you for such a short window so getting them working together quickly is imperative to getting the best out of them this summer.

Whether you want to select from the above programs or pick from some of WCF’s other award-winning Team Building programs, you should find something to bring this new team together soon.

Here are just a few team building programs for your new hires or interns:

Let someone from the WCF team help guide you through the process of selecting the right program uniquely designed to get your new team the desired takeaways from your event. For more information, Request a Proposal or contact your sales representative at 773.486.7403.

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