WCF recently introduced its Pre-Planning and Risk Assessment Tools.  The goal of each of these tools is to help clients not only select the best event to match their unique goals and objectives but to also identify and understand the potential risks associated with each type of event such as low attendance, inclement weather, safety/security and more.  By identifying and understanding these risks, WCF and the client are able to setup contingency plans to minimize the possible effects of these risks at their event.  Utilizing these tools is a great way to kick off the planning season for your upcoming year of events and ensure that you are selecting the best event to match your goals while also helping assess and minimize the event risks.

With over 17 years of experience in planning and executing thousands of events, WCF not only understands how to match your event goals with the right type of event, it also has the firsthand knowledge to identify the inherent risks for any event type in order to mitigate or eliminate these risks in the planning, design and execution of the event.  Tapping into this no cost resource has been a huge hit with its clients.

The first goal is to make sure to match your event goals with the proper type of event with the Pre-Planning Tool.  Whether the event is simply designed to have fun or also include secondary impacts for boosting moral, improving communication or more, WCF works with its clients to review a variety of matching event types.  Once the client selects the right event type, it is time to use the Risk Assessment Tool to review the possible event risks and build steps into the planning process to eliminate or minimize the risks from occurring during the event.  By creating an awareness of the risks, the client is able to more accurately plan contingencies and design for them rather than try to deal with them unexpectedly the day before the event or even worse, during the event itself.

As in all events, you are able to minimize and avoid risks but often not eliminate them.  Utilizing WCF’s Pre-Planning and Risk Assessment Tools is an effective way to select the right event to match your goals and design your event to ensure the best possible outcome.

WCF is excited to work with its clients to utilize these tools so please contact your sales representative now to learn more at 773.486.7403.

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