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Dear Loyal WCF Events Clients,

Given some confusion from some recent press articles about our sports complex division at 2367 West Logan Blvd closing on August 31, 2023, we wanted to make 100% sure our WCF Events clients know this does NOT impact our corporate events division, WCF Events.  Our parent company, Windy City Fieldhouse, is NOT closing.  WCF operates our sports complex division at 2367 West Logan Blvd along with our corporate events division, WCF Events.  The sports complex division will be closing on August 31st but WCF Events operations are NOT impacted.  We are moving our events division to a new office location and will continue expanding our corporate events services throughout the city and nationwide.  It is only our sports complex division and the sports complex itself at 2367 West Logan Blvd that will be closing its doors on August 31st. Until that time, the facility itself remains open with one of our busiest summers yet for youth camps, classes, birthdays and court rental.  And we are excited to announce that many of our programs will continue under new management at nearby facilities.


What does that mean for our corporate clients? 

Business as usual!! WCF Events, Windy City Fieldhouse’s nationwide Team Building and Corporate events division, will continue to execute over 400 Corporate Events a year. In fact, WCF Events will now have additional resources to expand its presence in the coming years across the country. These additional resources will also help WCF Events expand its wide array of corporate offerings including summer picnics, team building, charitable events and as well as expanding its already growing DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) product offerings.

If you have questions about an existing event or pending proposal, please call us at 773-486-7403 and we will confirm all the details with you.  We are on a record pace for event sales again this year so reach out with any of your upcoming event needs.  Outside of moving our offices down the street to a new location, it is business as usual for WCF Events!

Thank you,

Murrel and Bob

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