The end-of-the-year celebration is one of the most anticipated events of the year. For many companies, it is the biggest party of the year, and it’s the perfect way to show your appreciation to employees, grow closer as a company and most importantly, let loose a little.

And over the years, expectations about the holiday party have grown higher and higher. No longer does a normal office party with a DJ and cupcakes make the cut. You now need the total package: a great venue, great food, and great entertainment.

Here are some of our favorite ideas to spice up your event and have people dancing into the night:

Retro Entertainment

Everyone loves a good throwback picture so why not a throwback party? (And yes, throwback parties are possible without the mullets and shoulder pads, although we fully support it if they are present.) You can add arcade-style entertainment games to any venue for an extra bit of nostalgia and fun. Employees can take a break from the dance floor, bond with an intense game of Pac-Man or reminisce on memories of holidays past.

Themed Parties

This year, why not transport your guests to another time or place? Whether it’s Vegas nights, the Roaring 20’s or Friday Night Fever, themed parties are always a hit. The extravagant costumes, throwback music and unique foods help create an unforgettable atmosphere. Themed parties are a great way to get guests involved and add a unique element to your party that will differentiate it for years to come.

“Oh, the disco party? Yeah that was incredible!”

Themes are also a great way to anchor the rest of your entertainment decisions—food, music, decorations—narrowing your options and making the party planning process a whole lot easier.

All-In-One Venues

These trendy new venues are your one stop shop for everything entertainment. You can find delicious food, an extensive bar and built-in entertainment, all in one place. Venues like these can eliminate the stress of coordinating with multiple agencies to bring everything you need together. Everything will be cohesive and put together to perfectly entertain your guests so you can relax and enjoy the party without worrying if the caterer will be late. Let us connect you with some of our favorite partner venues!

The holidays are just around the corner! Whether you choose one of the options above or work with our team to select from a variety of other cool and new holiday party ideas, let WCF work with our trusted, quality vendors and venues to create your best holiday party yet. To get started on your holiday party, visit our website or submit a proposal online.

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