A Company Holiday Party in January, Tis’ the Season to Celebrate & Save

Typically companies have their office holiday parties in December. But, when you are in the service industry, the holidays are likely a turbulent time of year. While everyone else is slowing down and celebrating the holiday season, you and your team are gearing up to help everyone else have a jolly holiday season. In turn, you don’t have time for a company holiday party in December.

Restaurants, retailers, entertainment companies and everyone else in the service industry need not miss out on the end of the year celebration. The simple solution – plan your event for January or February! It is an easier, cheaper and convenient way to break up the dreary winter months. In fact, there are so many upsides to postponing your holiday event until the first of the year, we are unsure why more companies don’t consider it!

In December, popular venues are often booked months, if not a year in advance. The same location is likely to have more open availability in January and February. Not only are you more likely to get the location of your choice, but you will also save money because December dates usually come with a premium price tag.

In January and February, house guests have hopefully gone home and your employee’s calendars have opened up. Employees have less conflicting events, and that means a higher rate of attendance for your company party. It is going to be a good party too! Because in the new year, you are going to be able to get the entertainment and vendors you want! No more fighting over the last photo booth during the busiest day in December.

Best of all, the stress of the busy holiday season will be over so your guests can actually relax and enjoy their own event. Not to mention it’s a great way to kick-off 2020 and reward your staff for a year well done.

If you are busy through the holiday season and want to plan an oasis for your employees in January or February, reach out to WCF Events. Call  (773) 486-7403 or request a custom quote.

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