Ahh summer. The warm air, the cool breeze, the mellow moods. Nothing beats it. We may have just put our swimsuits away for the season, but why not keep the summer feeling alive by starting to plan your next summer outing before the snow begins to fall? Whether you’re planning one for all employees and their families, or a more intimate, team-bonding affair, WCF has everything you need to kick-start your company summer picnic planning.

Family Picnics

One of the best ways to get maximum attendance for your summer event is to extend the invite out to employees’ families. Want a classic style picnic with delicious food and great company? WCF can do that. Want something more adventurous? WCF has the experience to pull off every theme from Jurassic Park to Ninja Warrior to Carnivals. And with inflatables, face painting, rock climbing, arts and crafts and DJ’s available, the toughest choice for guests will be which one to do first.


Planning Employee Only Picnics – Rooftop Parties, Food Truck Rallies, Craft Beer Gardens and more!

When you want the focus of your summer picnic to be on company bonding and team building, WCF has plenty of options. Take your event to new heights with Rooftop Parties or add that extra flavor with a Food Truck Rally. Drive the importance of teamwork home with Team Challenges and Camp Themed picnics or boost morale with good food, good beer and even better conversation with WCF’s Craft Beer and BBQ event.

Planning Hassle Free Company Picnics

Whichever route you chose to go, WCF has you covered. Every detail from tent rental and permits to catering and transportation is planned out for you.

For all your company picnic planning needs, visit to get started on what is sure to be the event of the upcoming summer season.

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