After testing over 15,000 corporate attendees and receiving FDA and CDC approval*, WCF is excited to announce that we have developed the cure for…



This syndrome is HIGHLY contagious and depletes corporate employees of energy, creativity, teamwork and productivity. It is SO contagious that social distancing does not work and it actually spreads fastest via Zoom, Webex, Microsoft Teams and even over the phone.

There are two strains:

RZF Strain A:


RZF Strain B:

Even more serious than Strain A. This strain is so severe people cannot even show their faces.

The condition lasts weeks or months BUT fortunately it is not deadly. Even MORE importantly, WCF has developed the 100% full proof cure! Our Virtual Events alleviate symptoms within an hour and even cures participants completely after continual treatment!

Cured Patients After First Dosage:

Happy Employees
Enhanced Teamwork
Enhanced Camaraderie
Enhanced Engagement

*Disclaimer: Neither the FDA nor the CDC actually approved these products and certainly hope they have better things to worry about. BUT our products have been through many trials and 15,000 participants have been cured with absolutely NO negative side effects!



Any of the below products provide immediate relief of symptoms. One dose equals one WCF Virtual Event which should last approximately 1-2 months. We suggest additional dosages once every 1-2 months to prevent reinfection.

Virtual Team Building Events



We are expecting a spike in RZF cases during the holiday season, so we’ve created some special offerings to prevent symptoms before they begin:

Experiential Holiday Events

  • Holiday Fest (guests participate in a series of experiences/activities)
  • Holiday Adventure – Choose Your Own Holiday Experience (guests choose and participate in one premium experience)

Other Holiday Themed Events

  • Holiday Scavenger Hunt
  • Holiday Themed Pub Trivia or Game Show
  • New Year Wellness Challenge (1 hour, 1 week or 1 month challenge)
  • Give Back Events
  • Casino Nights


For more details about the different cures, download the guides for more information:
Virtual Team Building Guide (PDF)
Virtual Holiday Party Guide (PDF)


Contact Murrel (773-486-7403, to discuss which Virtual Event cure is right for your group and put a stop to RZF before it becomes the next pandemic.

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