Intern/New Hire Training Program

WCF Events Team Building programs are highly engaging and entertaining events that are designed to enhance teamwork and communication, build relationships, improve group problem solving skills and develop strategic planning capabilities. While the Intern/New Hire Training Program provides tangible and specific business benefits, many clients use the Intern/New Hire Training Program simply for the purpose of having a fun and competitive event.

The Team Challenge is the most popular of the Training Programs. It begins after the group is broken into teams of approximately 10-15 people. Two teams compete head-to-head at each station with each team actively engaged at all times. Teams rotate through five to eight different activities selected from a multitude of programs customized to meet your unique mission and objectives. Typically, events utilize non-physical activities unless desired. The group that works most effectively as a team wins the competition. The Intern/New Hire Training Program takes place indoors or outdoors at virtually any location in the city or suburbs and upon request, anywhere in the country.

WCF offers other training programs as well! Here are a few options along with the major take-aways associated with each:

  • Scavenger Hunts – Awesome for out of town interns to experience a whirlwind tour of their summer host city.
  • Charitable Events– Show your interns your company values by organizing an event that gives back to your community.
  • Pub Trivia – We can customize a company related round of trivia to see which team learned the most during their internship!
  • Summer Outing – Why not end their internship with a party to celebrate all their hard work?

Virtual Events – With some of the summer associate, intern and new hire programs required to work remotely these days, WCF has taken its programs online! WCF created virtual versions of its top events to help improve teamwork and camaraderie amongst interns, new hires and summer associates working from home. These fun and interactive programs help your new teams stay connected and motivated while ensuring they have a little extra fun and competition too!

Here are some of the programs available:

  • Virtual Scavenger Hunt
  • Virtual Pub Trivia
  • Virtual Wellness Challenge
  • Virtual Game Shows
  • Virtual Mosaic Challenge and More!

For more details on these programs, visit Virtual Team Building.

Click here to read more about Summer Intern Programs.

More Great Team Building Ideas! (PDF)

More Pictures of WCF’s Intern/New Hire Training Program

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Event Benefits/ROI

  • Provide an exceptional environment for internal networking
  • Provide a highly engaging, interactive and entertaining event for employees
  • Enhance employee morale, camaraderie and goodwill

For more information on this program, please submit a proposal online or call WCF at 773.486.7403

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