Cake Boss “Let’s Cut the Cake” Challenge

“Cake Boss” Meets the WCF Team Challenge – A Recipe for Success!

With the flare and excitement of the show “Cake Boss” and the award-winning WCF Team Challenge combined into one event, WCF created the perfect event focused on communication, creativity and thinking outside the box. 

Teams work together to design a cake while completing challenges and trivia to acquire additional supplies needed to enhance their cake masterpiece.  The group is first divided into equal teams following a brief orientation.  Teams are given two hours to complete a design based on the goals and objectives set by the client.  Throughout the design event, teams must complete challenges and trivia to acquire additional decorating supplies to enhance their designs.  Designs are judged not only on appearance but their ability to convey the corporate message communicated to the teams at the beginning of the challenge.  Successful teamwork, creativity and time management tend to bring home the winning designs!  Once all the designs are complete, each team makes a presentation to prove why their masterpiece takes the cake!

More Pictures of WCF’s Cake Boss “Let’s Cut the Cake” Challenge

Media/Event Benefits/ROI

  • Provide a highly engaging, interactive and entertaining events for employees
  • Enhance employee morale, camaraderie and goodwill
  • Demonstrate the importance of thinking “outside the box” and using creative strategies

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Each team is provided all of the necessary supplies to design and build their own Food Truck model based on the menu they will be serving from the truck.  Teams select the food item they plan to prepare and eventually sell from their truck based off a list of preselected items such as guacamole, salsa, cake, cookies and more.  Teams work together to design and decorate their truck while preparing their food item to sell.  In addition, teams must develop a sales presentation describing why their truck design will most effectively sell their brand and services.  Trucks are judged based on a predetermined set of criteria by the client.  The food truck team with the best sales presentation, overall truck design and food presentation wins the competition.

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