Interactive Corporate BBQ

WCF Events effectively manages the planning and execution of the Interactive Barbeque (including site selection, permit acquisition, event itinerary, catering, transportation, etc.) to ensure the event is a tremendous success. WCF provides an extraordinary Interactive Barbeque at a variety of city and suburban locations combining electricity in the air with friendly competition.

Upon arriving at the activity site, guests are welcomed by WCF event coordinators and directed to the dining and sports area. Various activities such as baggo, volleyball, softball (subject to location) and croquet are available. Guests either feast on the mouth-watering barbeque lunch grilled on site or begin to play with WCF staff available to lead the various activities. At the end of the day, guests go home happy and energized with heightened camaraderie and morale.

More Great Summer Outing Ideas! (PDF)

More Pictures of WCF’s Interactive Corporate Barbecue

Media/Event Benefits/ROI

  • Enhance relationships amongst employees
  • Provide a highly engaging and entertaining event that creates lasting memories
  • Enhance employee morale, camaraderie and goodwill

For more information on this program, please submit a proposal online or call WCF at 773.486.7403

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