Interactive Holiday Party

Bring your employees and guests together for an interactive evening of cheerful celebration during the holiday season. The interactive holiday party allows guests to build relationships, interact, mingle and network in a relaxed atmosphere. WCF seamlessly creates an interactive holiday event that combines great food, music, activities and an open bar. The interactive holiday party is the perfect event to reward employees for all of their help throughout the year in an engaging environment that may include pool tables, a miniature golf course, a golf simulator, electronic dart games and more. WCF works with a variety of premier venues throughout the city and suburbs. Host your Interactive Holiday Party at your office or at one of our partner venues!

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Interactive HolidayParty

Media/Event Benefits/ROI

  • Create an event that succeeds in enhancing relationships among employees & guests
  • Build goodwill and generate loyalty between the company and employees
  • Provide a unique environment to thank employees and their families for their support

Other Interactive Holiday Party Events

Bring employees and their families together this holiday season with WCF’s Family Holiday Party. The holiday season provides the perfect opportunity to bring employees and their families together to thank them for a great year. Much like WCF’s Interactive Holiday Party, WCF plans an afternoon or evening of fun-filled activities designed for the entire family. The perfect event to celebrate the holiday season with employees and their families – Guaranteed!

Partnering with a local charity, participants race throughout Chicago solving clues and purchasing gifts from wish lists received from local families through the charity’s “Secret Santa” Program. At the end, each team wraps gifts and presents them to representatives of the charity. Help families in need this season and build a new lasting sense of team unity at the same time.

Windy City Fieldhouse “Holiday Party Energizer” programs are a great way to add tremendous value to your holiday event when there is not enough budget or time during the event to add a full interactive reception.  The “Holiday Party Energizer” takes place in the same room as your holiday dinner or reception, and it is executed in its entirety at the beginning, middle or end of the event.

“Holiday Party Energizer” programs involve customized activities encouraging participants to work together at their table in mini-groups to complete mental challenges and compete against other groups to reach the final championship round.  These activities are themed around the holidays at the client’s request.  Guaranteed to energize and enhance your next holiday party!

Even if your holiday party is already booked, adding a charitable twist to your holiday event is the perfect way to give back during the holiday season – let WCF come to your Holiday Party location and help attendees build bikes, bears and other toys for families this holiday season. Your team gains a great sense of accomplishment together with results that last long after everyone goes back to the office. Charitable Event Add-Ons are the perfect solution for adding some fun and charitable giving to your traditional holiday party.

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