Mousetrap Race Car Challenge

WCF Events Mousetrap Race Car Challenge provides a customized experience requiring team members to use communication, creativity and teamwork to design and build a Mousetrap Race Car. Each car is used to compete in a distance competition at the end of the event to crown an overall champion.

The group is first given an orientation reviewing the activity and schedule for the event. The groups are then divided into teams of equal size to design, build and test their race car. Each team is provided identical supplies in their “race car kit”. If desired, teams are required to answer client-specific trivia questions before they are able to obtain their supplies. Once all the supplies are obtained, teams begin the design and assembly of their Mousetrap Race Car. Teams must work together to not only design and build the race car, but they must also adapt and change their design to create the car with the best wheel alignment, weight and overall design to travel the furthest distance. At the end of the event, teams compete one at a time in a competition to see which car travels the furthest. Teams are given two opportunities to “run” their car. Points and/or prizes may also be awarded for most creative design, best car name and more. In the end, the Mousetrap Race Car Challenge is the perfect combination of communication, creativity and competition.

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More Pictures of WCF’s Mousetrap Race Car Challenge

Event Benefits / ROI

  • Provide a highly engaging and entertaining event that creates lasting memories
  • Enhance teamwork, group problem solving and communication skills
  • Demonstrate the importance of thinking “outside the box” and using creative strategies

Other Mousetrap Race Car Challenge Events

Teams must design and build a Mousetrap Airplane, while adapting and changing their design after each test “flight” to create the plane with the best alignment, weight and speed to travel the longest distance.  With approximately 35-40 minutes left in the event, teams compete one at a time in tournament style races until the individual bracket winners compete in a final race to determine which plane generates the most velocity and travels the longest distance.

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